Picking machines

ELEVAH B Picking
Compact manual traction machines for material picking activities up to 8m in total safety

Looking for a picking platform to improve the work in your company?

Elevah offers a large selection of compact, efficient self-propelled or push-around material picking platforms that can be used in all areas. Whether you need a picking platform for a shop, warehouse, supermarket or large area, you will find the perfect model in this section.

Our platforms are designed keeping your needs in mind. They can be used in the tightest areas, with a picking platform that supports 40 to 100 kg, and a maximum working height of 4 to 7.78 m.

Elevah picking machines allow you to work at height and improve the storage space of any company.

You can carry out storage, organisation and rearrangement of the warehouse.

Like every Elevah platform, this picking category is entirely made in Italy.

What are the advantages?

Elevah picking platforms are the solution for optimising your work, which thus becomes easier.

Compact and ergonomic, they can be used indoors and, where specified, also outdoors.

They suit all needs in the industrial and non-industrial world.

All Elevah platforms comply with European regulations to ensure maximum safety.

The materials used are of high quality to ensure absolute resistance. Thanks to their ergonomics, they are comfortable and easy to use.

Elevah is a long-term investment that optimises all your team's activities.

The Elevah Team is available to answer all your questions and provide you with information on our products!