Elevah 75 Tires

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Elevah 75 Tires

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A special stock picker with a double tool to lift a tire set from the ground and to store or pick it up.


  • Tool max. working height: 6,3 m
  • Standard: tyres storage system with single adjustment (stroke). Optional: double adjustment (stroke/slope) - Item 75TI.2REG
  • Tool max. capacity: 150 kg
  • Width of the short side: 78 cm
  • Side tool rollers with adjustable height and adjustable width to make storage operations easier.
  • Turning radius = 0
  • Self propelled when raised at the maximum height

Main features of the special tool:

  • It allows to lift a tire set directly from the ground
  • (Optional) Automatic adjustment of the inclination
  • Automatic adjustment of the stroke to set the distance of the tires from the operator

Self-propelled and compact (it's only 78 cm wide!) and with a turning radius = 0, it can be used also in very tight spaces, as between the shelves or enter in a lift.

During all the operations of the storage the operator doesn't need to go up and down of the machine. He only has to adjust the tool and roll the tires on the shelves. In that way the operator can storage in a few time also complete wheels (rim and tyre) and/or big tires (the max. capacity of the tool is 150 kg).

OPTIONAL: possibility of adding an arm with lifting ropes for stowing tyres flat. It helps to move the tyres from the tool to the shelf without lifting it. The operator doesn't make any effort and always keeps the correct position.

Thanks to these characteristics, with ELEVAH 80 MOVE PICKING FL you can save time and trouble by gaining safety and performance.

The machine can work at temperatures between -15° C and +40 °C

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Elevah 75 Tires Technical data of the platform Elevah 75 Tires

Max. working height 7,60 m
Max capacity 250 kg
Number of people 1
Use Internal - External
AClosed machine height 1960 mm
A1Machine height with accessory 2755 mm
BMinimum platform height 455 mm
C1Max platform height with vertical tyres tool 5610 mm
C2Max platform height with horizontal tyres tool 5010 mm
C3Max picking platform height with vertical tyres tool 6330 mm
C4Max picking platform height with horizontal tyres tool 6160 mm
DBase overall dimensions 2080 mm
E 780 mm
FCage dimensions 730 mm
G 705 mm
Machine weight 1085 kg
HFixed picking tray dimensions 460 mm
I 760 mm
Fixed picking tray capacity 20 kg
Drive wheels dimension Ø 230 x 60 mm
Swivel wheels dimensions Ø 200 x 40 mm
OHeight 1375 mm
KFork size 600 mm
L 555 mm
Vertical adjustment Electrical
JStroke 1115 mm
Min. height from the ground 40 mm
Maximum height from the ground 5200 mm
Rotation Electrical
Max. rotation angle 90°
Maximum height from the ground (rotated) 6160 mm
Capacity 150 kg
Power supply 24 V
Batteries Lead-Acid Batteries 12V 105 Ah
Battery charger 110V – 220V
MMaximum climbing ability 15%
Climbing ability at height 2,5%
Internal turning radius 0
External turning radius 1025 mm
Max. speed (rising – descending) 0,2 m/s
Maximum speed (with basket on the ground) 5 km/h
NMaximum pressure for wheel at full load* 4,6 kN
Work cycles (with fresh batteries) ** Ca. 100

* Maximum pressure whereas the weight of the platform plus the maximum load on the basket are completely distributed on one side of the platform (totally asymmetric load).

** By work cycle we mean a self-propelled movement of 20 m with a full ascent to and descent from the maximum height and with adjustment of the loading platform.

Complies with European regulations for man-up forklift trucks. UNI EN ISO 3691-1.

Elevah, the aerial platform made in Italy

A special stock picker with a double tool
A special stock picker with a double tool