Elevah 65 Move picking

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Elevah 65 Move picking

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Elevah® 65 MP is a stock picker which can reach a working height of 6.5 m and is able to move around easily even in very small spaces.

It is indispensable for picking work in warehouses or supermarkets.

Ideal for carrying out picking work up to a working height of 6.5 m so making the most of the height of the warehouse and optimizing costs.

In addition to the large electric platform, which is height adjustable with a maximum payload capacity of 100 kg, there is a large fixed platform.

Elevah 65 MP facilitates the operator's work, while ensuring the highest standards of safety.

Charger with retractable cable is standard ( Not included If add OPTIONAL BKIT)

The machine can work at temperatures between -15° C and +40 °C

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Elevah 65 Move picking Technical data of the platform Elevah 65 Move picking

Max. working height 6,50 m
Max capacity 200 kg
Number of people 1
Use Internal - External
AClosed machine height 1720 mm
BMinimum platform height 460 mm
CMaximum platform height 4700 mm
DBase overall dimensions 1280 mm
E 1780 mm
F 780 mm
GCage dimensions 640 mm
H 710 mm
Machine weight 830 kg
KFixed picking tray dimensions 440 mm
L 740 mm
Fixed picking tray capacity 20 kg
Drive wheels dimension Ø 220 x 65 mm
Swivel wheels dimensions Ø 200 x 50 mm
Adjustment Electrical
Stroke 600 mm
Min. height from the ground 820 mm
Maximum height from the ground 5650 mm
IDimensions 500 mm
J 680 mm
Capacity 100 kg
Power supply 24 V
Batteries Lead-Acid Batteries 12V 105 Ah
Battery charger 110V - 220V
MMaximum climbing ability 15%
Climbing ability at height 2,5%
Internal turning radius 0
External turning radius 1095 mm
Max. speed (rising – descending) 0,2 m/s
Maximum speed (with basket on the ground) 5 km/h
NMaximum pressure for wheel at full load* 3,6 kN
Work cycles (with fresh batteries) ** Ca. 130

* Maximum pressure whereas the weight of the platform plus the maximum load on the basket are completely distributed on one side of the platform (totally asymmetric load).

** By work cycle we mean a self-propelled movement of 20 m with a full ascent to and descent from the maximum height and with adjustment of the loading platform.

Complies with European regulations for man-up forklift trucks. UNI EN ISO 3691-1.

Elevah, the self-propelled aerial platform made in Italy

Aerial platform 65 Move Picking
Aerial platform 65 Move Picking