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Elevah 70

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Elevah® 70 is a platform, entirely made of aluminium, equipped with a large basket and a maximum capacity of 200 kg.

- 5,41 without stabilizers and basket in position 1 (3410mm platform height)
– 6 m without stabilizers and basket in position 2 (4000mm platform height)
- 6,7 m with stabilizers and basket in position 1 (4660mm platform height)
- 7,2 m with stabilizers and basket in position 2 (5250mm platform height)

MAXIMUM LOAD CAPACITY: 200kg (one person)



COMPACT: ONLY 132 x 78cm h. 170 cm

COMFORTABLE: the access to the basket is handy and safe

CONVENIENT TRAY: ideal to store tools CONTROL SENSORS: prevents working with open doors

INCLINOMETER: anti tilting system


Elevah 70 is a push around electric lifting platform, entirely made of aluminium. Allows you to carry out maintenance operations up to a maximum of 7.25 m.
The platform reaches different heights depending on the different positions of the basket and on the presence of stabilizers.
If the basket is in the standard position and stabilizers are not used, the machine can reach 5,41 m (3410 mm platform height).
Adding stabilizers to this position it can reach 6,7m (4660 mm platform height).
Moving the basket higher, to position 2, without stabilizers, the platform can reach 6 m (4000 mm platform height).
Adding stabilizers to this position, the platform reaches its greatest height, 7,2m (5250 mm platform height).
Elevah 70 optimizes work and times: just place the platform in the desired position and turn the knob to get on in a totally safe way. It can be moved manually very easily and in a short period of time. Thanks to the practical controls, you can quickly reach the desired height position, but another operator can also adjust it from the ground.
To facilitate maintenance operations, there is a storage tray with a capacity of 20 kg, which is very important to store tools.
As with all Elevah platforms, it is equipped with standard safety devices. In particular, to avoid unintentional actions, the platform does not move if the basket is not closed. This aspect allows the operator to work in total safety.
It is possible to increase the safety level and each machine can be customized according to the needs, thanks to the wide range of accessories and customizations available for each Elevah model.

The machine can work at temperatures between -15° C and +40 °C

Elevah 70 elevah-70.pdf

Elevah 70 Technical data of the platform Elevah 70

 Without StabilizersWith Stabilizers
Max. working height 6 m (With basket in position 2) 7,25 m (With basket in position 2)
Max capacity 200 kg
Number of people 1
Use Internal
AClosed machine height 1700 mm
BMinimum platform height 380 mm
CAltezza da terra al piano calpestio 970 mm
DMaximum platform height 4000 mm 5250 mm*
EBase overall dimensions 1320 mm 1380 mm
F 780 mm 1350 mm
GCage dimensions 780 mm
H 850 mm
IMax. distance from the wall 0 mm 40 mm
J 0 mm 300 mm
KFixed picking tray dimensions 760 mm
L 440 mm
Fixed picking tray capacity 20 kg
Peso macchina con stabilizzatori, Alimentazione 24V 430 kg
Machine weight with stabilisers (power supply 220V 50/60Hz) 400 kg
Alimentazione 24V N°2 Batterie Pb Acido 12V 105 Ah
Alimentazione 24V - Caricabatterie 110V - 220V
Swivel wheels dimensions (fixed) Ø 200 x 50 mm
Swivel wheels dimensions Ø 150 x 45 mm
Max. speed (rising) 0,2 m/s
Max. speed (descending) 0,15 m/s
LMaximum pressure for wheel at full load** 2,0 kN  
LMaximum pressure for stabilizer at full load**   2,2 kN
Work cycles (with fresh batteries)*** 200

* Max H. reached with cage at height -C-

** Maximum pressure whereas the weight of the platform plus the maximum load on the basket are completely distributed on one side of the platform (totally asymmetric load).

*** By work cycle we mean a self-propelled movement of 20 m with a full ascent to and descent from the maximum height and with adjustment of the loading platform.

Compliant with EN280 rule.
Approved for indoor use or outdoor use in the absence of wind.

Elevah, the aerial platform made in Italy

Push around aluminium platform Elevah 70
Push around aluminium platform Elevah 70