Elevah e5 Inox

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Elevah e5 Inox

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The new compact self-propelled platform entirely made in stainless steel.


STAINLESS STEEL easy to sanitize

COMPACT: only 78x153 cm

MAX. CAPACITY: 200kg (1 Person)

MANEUVERABLE: Turning radius = 0

COMFORTABLE: practical and safe access to the platform
DOORS LOCK: it avoids accidental opening of the basket

INCLINOMETER: anti-tilt system

DETECTORS: 3 indicators of presence

SPEED CONTROL: speed limiter in height


Elevah E5 Inox is the self-propelled platform with electric elevation made entirely of stainless steel that allows you to work up to 5,15 m. It is suitable for all environments where hygiene and cleanliness are essential requirements, such as in the pharmaceutical, food industries.

Stainless steel is an extremely hygienic material due to its excellent corrosion resistance, low bacterial retention and compact surface that ensures impermeability.

Like all machines in the Elevah 5 series, the platform is extremely compact (only 78x153 cm) and easy to maneuver thanks to its zero turning radius, which allows it to easily pass through even the narrowest spaces.

The convinient joystick allows you to drive it with one hand.

In equipment and accessories section, you fill find the list of standard components and accessories to customize Elevah E5 Inox and adapt it to your needs.

  • BASKET BLOCK: max. at 1.95m height..
  • BLUESPOT M (driving directions signalling light)


  • REMOVABLE TOOL TRAY: removable Tool Tray useable for maintenance activities.

Standard charger with retractable cable.
The machine can work at temperatures between -15° C and +40 °C

The machine can work at temperatures between -15° C and +40 °C

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Elevah e5 Inox Technical data of the platform Elevah e5 Inox

Max. working height 5,15 m
Max capacity 200 kg
Number of people 1
Use Internal
AClosed machine height 1690 mm
BMin. height from the ground* 289 mm
CMaximum platform height 3150 mm
DBase overall dimensions 980 mm
E 700 mm
FCage dimensions 685 mm
G 600 mm
Machine weight 580 kg
Drive wheels dimension Ø 186 x 60 mm
Swivel wheels dimensions Ø 150 x 40 mm
Power supply Electrical 24 V
Batteries 2 Trojan Lead-Acid 12V 105 Ah
Battery charger 115V – 230V 50/60HZ
HMaximum climbing ability 15%
Climbing ability at height 2,5%
Internal turning radius 0
External turning radius 1050 mm
Max. speed (rising – descending) 0,2 m/s
Maximum shifting speed 0,70 m/s
Maximum shifting speed at height 0,25 m/s
IMaximum pressure for wheel at full load** 2,7 kN
Work cycles (with fresh batteries) *** 100

* There is an intermediate step.

** Maximum pressure whereas the weight of the platform plus the maximum load on the basket are completely distributed on one side of the platform (totally asymmetric load).

*** By work cycle we mean a self-propelled movement of 20 m with a full ascent to and descent from the maximum height and with adjustment of the loading platform.

Compliant with EN280 rule.
Approved for indoor use or outdoor use in the absence of wind.

Elevah, the aerial platform made in Italy

The new compact self-propelled platform E5 INOX
The new compact self-propelled platform E5 INOX